Drawing in Space by Jeongmoon Choi

  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation-640x336
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation2-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation3-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation4-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation5-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation6-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation8-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation9-640x425
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation10-640x427
  • 3D-UV-Thread-Installation11-640x427
  • This is the Berlin based artist Jeongmoon Choi latest installation called “Drawing in space” . By using Uv lamps the artist¬†illuminates the room, it looks like a¬†science fiction movie from the 90s.

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