H2ome Yacht of $20 Million!

  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-1
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-2
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-3
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-6
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-7
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-8
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-11
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-16
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-19
  • 20-Million-H2ome-Yachting-Villa-20
  • Something to think about when you have some spare change. This is the $20 million yacht by H2ome. The yach has a lenght of 44 meters and offers the luxury that we, and we suppose a lot of you cannot even afford in our house. The design of the yacht has been established by Mario Grasso in collaboration with Genovese Studio A-LAB and Raffaella Berge. Check out the photos above.

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