Neighborhood Spring/Summer 2013 Tee Collection

  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_no1tee_grey1newnew
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_no1tee_white_
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_no1tee_black1
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_no1tee_black2
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_pockettee_white_
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_supporttee_white_
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_svgachivestee_black1
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_svgachivestee_black6
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_toughtee_grey1
  • 05-07-2013_nbhd_toughtee_grey3
  • Japanese brand Neighborhood droppes its Spring / Summer 2013 t-shirt collection. Some dope designs have been created by the team. The collection contains a variety of designs such as pocket tees and regular tees, but also differents graphics on the tees. Take a look at the photos above and order yours at a Neighborhood retailer such as End.

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