Visvim Autumn / Winter 2013 Garments

  • 18-10-2013_visvim_miniehuntingjacket_khaki_1
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_miniehuntingjacket_khaki_2
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_-redwoodknitcollarcorduroyjacketkano_darkindigo_
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_lhamoshirt_navy_1
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_valdez2lgoretex_navy_1
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_valdez2lgoretex_navy_2
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_valdez2lgoretex_navy_8
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_albacoregizashirt_lightblue_
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_albacoregizashirt_white__1
  • 18-10-2013_visvim_vflagquiltedtee_grey_d1
  • When it comes to high quality clothing from Japan you can think of a few brands that definitely stick above the rest of the brands. One of those brands is Visvim. They always know to create something different and always stick to their high quality standards in selecting the materials for their garments and crafting the garments.

    For this Autumn / Winter 2013 season Visvim drops again a great collection with jackets, shirts, t-shirts and more. Have a look at the photos above and head your way to a Visvim retailer such as End.

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