A Detailed Look: Gorilli x G-Shock “Delfts Blauw”

You were able to see the teaser but now we can show you the official photos of the Gorilli x G-Shock collaboration. The package is called “Delfts Blauw” which refers to the Dutch Delftware. Dutch creative agency Leyp helped Gorilli in designing the prints. The watch comes in three different packages, the White, Blue and Silver package. The White package consists of the watch, a tile and a Gorilli G-Shock mixtape, the Blue package consists of the items just mentioned but also includes the Delft Blauw t-shirt. Last, but certainly not least the Silver package, which includes all the four items mentioned. However the watch has a special silver clip instead of basic one. Making it a little more special. Purchase any package on the 14th of December starting at 11.00 local time at Gorilli (Rotterdam), Ontfront (Amsterdam) or via Gorilli’s online shop.