Art: This Side of Paradise

Student designer Lili’uolani Pickford was presented with a concept project for the spray paint line Krylon. The objective was to create a high-quality artisanal spray paint line that would be sold as a fund-raising product, with all proceeds going to POW WOW School of Art in Hawaii. Beside the good cause, the design looks epic.

“For my product and packaging class, our first project was to create a limited edition line to elevate the brand. First, I created a good cause and made a collaboration between Krylon and POW WOW HAWAI’I where the donations from the line would support POW WOW School of Art, thus creating the line This Side of Paradise*. For the look, I decided to draw upon my Hawai’ian heritage and focus on the vibrant, yet endearing, everyday of Hawai’i farm life and bring that to the consumer. This humanistic element combined with the hip and clean type treatment is able to target a broad market, ranging from a Hawai’ian local artisan to a yuppie mainlander looking to support a community”.

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