Poppy Pour-Over Smart Coffee Machine

This it the Poppy Pour-Over coffee machine. A good looking, smart thinking and tasty serving coffee machine. The taste part still needs to be discovered but reading the specs and knowing it uses fresh beans it must be good right?

The Poppy Pour-Over offers a few possibilities, it holds 1.25 lbs of beans, it offers space for 50 fluid ounces and the glass carafe uses double-walled glass. The double-walled glass makes it possible to hold hot coffee in the carafe without burning your hands. We have seen that concept with other glasses (tea for instance) as well. So what’s more: it grinds the beans only when it’s set to make some new fresh coffee, keeping those beans fresh to the maximum. Oh and then there is the ‘smart’ part. It connects via an app and by that it gives you possibilities such as scheduling the time to make your fresh coffee or ordering a refill on your beans or filters as it detects that you are running low. All these functionalities come in a great designed coffee machine which you can see for yourself on the photos above. It isn’t available for purchase yet but will be later this year via Poppy.