Student Hotel Introduces New Collection with Venour

You’re probably familiar with the Dutch student Hotel collective located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Which is an all-inclusive and affordable accommodation for students, interns, researchers, who want stay in style for a good price. And they just launched their very first fashion collaboration with the creative collective of Venour. The Student Hotel x Venour collection mirrors the vibe of The Student Hotel: creative, positive and dynamic. You can look forward to a core assortment of graphic crew neck sweatshirts and a baseball vest in heather. Graphic tees in both black and white. Get yours here.

“We got carte blanche from The Student Hotel to set up a fashion line. After walking around The Student Hotel locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, we found inspiration from the great mix of people that were staying here, from classic varsity clothes, and from the slogan of The Student Hotel: ‘Everything you can imagine is real’”, explains Steven from Venour.