Video: Palladium Goes Back To Their Roots “City Explorers”

Palladium continues to bring light to the undiscovered places in cities across the world. By linking up with local creative influencers from around the world, they uncover hidden gems and cultures through film and photography. Last summer emcee Akwasi – who you may also know as the front man of the Amsterdam based hiphop formation “Zwart Licht” – took us on a journey through his beloved district “Bijlmer” in Amsterdam. This summer the brand, who started as a manufacturer of tyres, passes it on to two new explorers. Over the next two months City Explorers Emmanuel Cole (photographer) and Georgia LA (writer) are going on a round-trip through Europe. The two explorers will uncover hidden gems in 8 cities. At each location local cool cats will guide them around. First stop is Lyon, France, also the city where Palladium developed their first shoes. In this episode the guys of Paperboys creative agency are taking Palladium’s City Explorers on a journey through their beloved home town Lyon. Check out the video below and discover Lyon’s street art, music scene and the abandoned Palladium factory where it all started.

Lyon in France is famous for its gastronomy and skateboarding culture, but there are other burgeoning scenes worth exploring. Often designed by local street-artists and distributed by Paperboys, posters around the city give clues to the best destination for hungry partygoers and omnivores of underground culture. Once a year the ultimate end station is Nuits Sonores, a city festival with a dazzling international line-up of the best in dance, bass and indie music. Palladium’s city explorers Emmanuel Cole and Georgia LA tag along with local host Benjamin from Paperboys, who introduces them to the places and faces behind the posters. The recognition of the large street art scene doesn’t appear on the local political agenda, yet all the more on that of gallery Slika, art centre Spacejunk and company CAPSA container. The explorers are invited to join Poter and Kesa as they create a fresh public artwork, and THTF gives them a glimpse of their work in progress. On the musical frontier, Georgia and Emmanuel pay a visit to record store Groove Edge, to meet up with up producer and label owner Sacha Mambo. The scene of music purists is small and at the record shop and across the bohemian area La Croix Rousse, they find each other and the rarest vinyl. Avid adrenaline seekers, this week the Paperboys don’t have to depend on illegal poster pasting sessions for a full shot. The decayed first Palladium factory in Pont de Cheruy just outside Lyon, is sure to provide all the excitement one could possibly feel.

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