De Mes Amis SS15 Collection

Remember the fine small Swiss menswear brand De Mes Amis? They guys behind the brand have been working hard on the new collection and as such the spring/summer 2015 collection became a fact. The brand is based in the lovely city of Zurich and the SS15 collection is already the brands’ fourth collection.

The new collection is made in Portugal and is inspired by the southern European country and its travelling, beach vibes and people, its pure life. The collection consists of several garments such as tees and sweatshirts. These Tee’s and Sweatshirts are made for the everyday urban city life. Designer Ashot explains: “Leaving my flat in the morning, I don’t always know where my path will lead me. My clothing has to fit into all kinds of different environments like the office, the park or a club”. Having said that, make sure to visit De Mes Amis via their very own online store at