Photography: The Invisible Empire

Uniforms are created so we can separate a soldier from a civilian. We wear clothes described by religion, profession, political thoughts and tradition to communicate and represent authority. The Finland based photographer created this images based on these thoughts, which looks intimidating and a bit scary. But the massage is very strong.. especially now with the ongoing violence in America with uniforms from authority.

The maker said:“In 2006 I witnessed the so called Smash ASEM “riot”. There I personally saw the dark side of the Finnish police. How young men hid behind their uniforms and hoods and anonymously committed misconduct. Later I witnessed the reluctance of the justice system to punish those in uniforms. The characters in my works are the prisoners of these traditions and walls that we’ve created for ourselves. How close can we, the viewers, get to the characters that have so much of their personality taken away from?”

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