P I X E L K A B I N E T T 42 “Arcade Machine”

We would love to have a Arcade machine but we are not so excited to see a gigantic flashy light show. But luckely there is a alternative for those 8-bit fans. A clean looking machine, conceived by Swedish designer and obsessive-compulsive craftsman Love Hultén. He created the Pixelkabinett 42 a brilliant reinterpretation of the classic video arcade machine. Instead of the flashy box, Hultén constructed it with a premium wood cabinets which will not look out of place in your home, right? The body stands on four adjustable unique rocket nozzle feet. The cabinet is finished off by a glowing planetarium on the front and an engraved saturn speaker grill. The folding top keep dust away when not in use. The Pixelkabinett 42 is limited to 50 pieces. And can be made-to-order and be customized in many ways to suit your needs.

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