The New 2015 BMW 7 Series

BMW has been working hard in 2015 in updating its model offerings. Earlier this year we have seen the new facelifted 1 series, we have seen the family editions of the 2 series, we have seen the facelifted version of the 3 series, we have even seen the new 2015 X1 Series and now they unveiled their flagship, the new 2015 7 series. Besides that a bunch of engines have been updated as well but let’s stick to the new 7 series for now.

The new 7 series features all the luxury you need and don’t need in a car. Both the interior as well as the exterior feature high quality materials, something that catches your eye straight away. On the inside the car features seats that are electrically adjustable with massage functions (yes it’s true) and active ventilation. Additionally the interior features two console units, one for the driver and one in the rear for what is probably the owner of the car. This car has been built to be driven. Another option worth mentioning is the panorama glass roof. A great big and open space which let’s you feel free during the day, and even during the night when the sky is starless, BMW makes sure your passenger still get’s to see the stars using light reflections. Pretty awesome for a night full of romance right?

The car features a lot of other innovating stuff. So sign up for the brochure of the BMW 7 Series if you want to learn about all the new elements of this insane car. Price starts at €95,500.