XT 600 Desert Sled by Pancake Customs

We love to support the locals and thus here is some news about Pancake Customs. The Dutch custom bike shop moved from Amsterdam to Rheden (which is near Arnhem for those of you that know this little country called The Netherlands a bit). But that’s isn’t why we are speaking of Pancake Customs. The reason we are mentioning Pancake Customs is because of their awesome bike of course. Check out the customised Yamaha XT 600. You might even think there is nothing left of the XT 600. The bike has been built with one goal in mind, following a rally team through North Africa. Now that on itself is already pretty awesome but take a peek at the bike. This is the type of bike you would expect to see in movies that are related to the end of time, apocalypse movies. Visit Pancake Customs here.