Delikatessen presents its spring/summer collection for 2016

Delikatessen is an Amsterdam-based menswear line, founded in 2009 by Andre Lisowski and Stephen Hartog. Delikatessen is focused on well tailored, but effortless garments, that combine traditional craftsmanship with a modern approach to design. Also for next season the duo presents its spring/summer collection for 2016, entitled “Dew.”  Inspired on the longest night of the year. Around Parma, Italy. The collection consisting pure, clean and simplified looks, with a relaxed fit with a strong focus on fabrics.Read their thoughts down below;

‘The longest night of the year. Around Parma, Italy, dusk catches feasters in the middle of a revel. Dawn comes in the middle of a fiery party. Carafes of wine. Dance. The summer air shimmers with a hoard of fireflies, floating lazily, just above the garden. Just as the first rays of sun start to timidly crawl to the horizon, the feasters swiftly get up from their chairs and run into the garden. Soft shoes and sandals are tossed under a large sage. They keep running until dew, pink from the pale dawn, moistens their bare feet. Fireflies, sage and dew. Ancient pagan symbols of a spring celebration, offering a promise of fertility and luck.

Waking up in the early hours of a pale spring morning, we too are often mesmerized by the fresh dew on the meadows and hills around us. For us at Delikatessen, dew is pure, clean, velvety and fresh. Almost like a touch of magic. In old times dew was seen by some as a source of great fertility and at the origin of matter. That’s why during the two months when the sun is in the astrological signs of Aries and Taurus (March 21 – May 21), alchemists would gather fresh dew from clean grass, to be used as a solvent in their potions”.

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