Amsterdam HOSSELAER goes from the streets, to Music Festival Appelsap

On of the oldest hiphop festival from Amsterdam, Appelsap celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. We have witness it from the start, and we are proud! During this milestone edition, the festival offers beside good music and street food also some merchandise. For this season they’ve inviting fashion label HOSSELAER to design a special capsule collection. HOSSELAER has created a special Coat of Arms-design (Coat of Arms of Amsterdam) which is applied on the items. With this symbol, they salute and commemorates the festival’s successful mark and impact in the Amsterdam.

The HOSSELAER x Appelsap Capsule Collection consists of a Unisex T-shirt (€40,00), a pair of leggings (€60,00) and a shoulder bag (€40,00) and is limited. Appelsap Fresh Music Festival will take place August 8th, Flevopark, Amsterdam. There are still tickets available, get yours here.  See y’all there!