Do You Think Your Laugh is Worth Something? Facebook Does!

Facebook and privacy are as much apart as fire and water. They can start whatever privacy campaign they like but as long as they keep track of everything [and yes we mean everything] you do on Facebook, all those Facebook privacy campaigns are just one big joke and a waist of money. Oh wait, not a waist of money because it helps to convince regulators that privacy is taken very, very serious by Facebook. Hopefully you noticed the sarcasm.

A new chapter in Facebook’s never ending book is the fact Facebook is tracking not just any random stuff your write, but also the way you laugh. It gets scarier by the minute, don’t you agree? But don’t worry, Facebook is protecting your personal life as if their own existence depends on it. Feeling it? The things companies can do with your personal data are just awesome don’t you agree? You should sell them your personal data. Again, not being serious here. Either way, pretty interesting analysis.