Skinto & Stepherd #NoSpang, just RELAX and don’t worry

If you look around here in Amsterdam and observe the people you will notice a lot of things. But one thing that might stick is that people are always rushing when trying to get from one place to another. New York used to be known for that, but appearantly Amsterdam should be as well these days. It looks like people are chronically running late or something. And in addition to that, whether it’s hot outside or it’s pouring rain, people are complaining. They seek for something to complain about, you might think. More and more cool cats find themselves on a seemingly unsustainable pace. Do you recognize yourself in this? If that’s the case take a little life experience from the Suriname softdrink Fernandes and say NO SPANG, meaning just relax and don’t worry.

To spread this word of NO SPANG and to learn the cool cats how to relax again, emcees Skinto & Stepherd started their campagne #NOSPANG. They filled their tour bus with Fernandes drinks, DJ-gear, BBQ, en lounge-chairs. Both are about to take over the Netherlands, to spread the word of relaxation. So chill a little bit and be on the lookout for the #NOSPANG bus.

Check out the first episode to see how it’s done by the professional chill duo Skinto & Stepherd. Again, say it out loud: NO SPANG.