An 3D Scanner for Your iPhone, the eora 3D

This is the world’s first high-precision 3D scanner that is entirely powered by a smartphone. It lets you capture everyday physical objects and surfaces and turns them into high-quality 3D models, all on your phone, making it extremely affordable. That’s how we like it, now its becoming increasingly accessible for the average consumer like us to print out pretty much anything we want.

“We challenged ourselves to design and engineer a 3D scanner that not only was extremely precise and accurate but also fast, portable and affordable,” say the designers. “The solution, it turned out, was sitting in our pockets. By harnessing the power and optics of a modern smartphone, we knew we could reduce our part-count and invest instead in the one part that makes high-precision scanning possible – a green laser.”

They already pledge their goal of 80,0000 easily, so stay tuned for the real version. Let the builders of this project explain how it really works. Via kickstarter.