Must visit: “Graffiti” New York meets the Dam

The Amsterdam Museum has connect with The Museum of the City of New York for a very cool expo about graffiti. The exhibition is titled “New York meets the Dam”, and is featuring more than 200 objects. The exhibition tells the story of how graffiti reigned supreme in 1980s New York and reached across the ocean. They inspired Amsterdam graffiti writers, like the infamous SHOE. We checked it out and saw some great work from the likes of Shoe, Delta and Cat22. Also cool photographic and video material, sketch books and train objects. “Graffiti. New York meets the Dam” will show how a young generation was able to change the street scene 30 years ago and how their influence is still very much evident today.

It’s still open to visit.

10:00 – 17:00 | € 12
Amsterdam Museum | Kalverstraat 92 / Sint Luciënsteeg 27, Amsterdam