Last week team SPRHUMAN was invited for a special trip to Diadora’s headquarters in Italy, to learn more about this authentic sportswear brand. We know Italy for their food, Ferrari, Lamborghini and designers such as Versace, Gucci and others. However Italy is also home to one of the most legendary sportswear brands of all time – Diadora. The brand finds its origin in a small village called Caerano di San Marco (Treviso) near Venice in Italy. Let’s take you on our journey to Diadora.


Being located in Amsterdam, we needed to hop on a plane to Italy and arrived at Venice airport. Here a driver brought us to the property of Diadora in a typical Italian way (you can probably imagine how that goes). When arriving at the location, it was hard to miss the massive images of legends hanging on the outside of the buildings like, Francesco Totti and Filippo Inzaghi holding the World Cup. We already knew the greatness of the brand but this really was something special, and what we were about to experience was just like that.


Rudy Comazzetto, Category Manager Heritage and Lifestyle Shoes & Project Leader welcomed us in a room, with of course some espresso (nothing beats Italian coffee) and sandwiches. The room was filled with N.9000 sneaker projects which they made in collaboration with retailers such as Patta, Solebox and Colette. The team shared with us their vision of sneaker culture in Europe and the future projects of the brand. Sorry, we are not allowed to elaborate on that. What we can share is that we were the lucky ones to enter their new museum showcasing their most successful footwear creations. We felt like little boys in a candy store.



They took took us on a journey through the history of the brand. They gave us the opportunity to get familiar with their vision. We saw rare soccer artifacts from Roberto Baggio and golden football shoes worn by the legendary George Weah. Diadora is the only Italian athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer who still manufacturers some of its products in Italy. This “Made in Italy” line is all about their high-end sportswear and heritage models. All their collaborations are manufactured in this factory in Italy.




When strolling around the factory, we checked out the designer room –  it looked like the time has stood still in this room, furniture originating straight from the ’80’s. We walked further with the coolcats to the assembling area, where they still produce the specials ones. And there we saw something, something really special.




They handed us a fresh pair of V.7000 reissued in its OG colors taken from their archive. Back in the 90’s this silhouette was one of their most innovative runners available. We can share a little secret with you, this model is the one they’re about to push. A real retro runner.




The second day, we went on a boat ride through Venice, which was an amazing experience and the food was ace. It was the end of trip with a well deserved ending. Our time in Italy was up. We can honestly say…… we fell in love with the country, city but mostly with the brand Diadora. We are hooked. We made a lot of new friends during this trip and experienced the Italy of our imagination. Stay tuned because Diadora is making waves now.