The Adventurer Pack by Sneakersnstuff and Puma

We all know the stories of famous sneaker stores before let’s say 2000 right? They often got their stock by flying to the US, or other countries, to get gear that wasn’t available in their own countries. Back in the days that was how to differentiate your shop from the rest. Sneakersnstuff was one of those shops doing that and with that story in mind they developed in collaboration with Puma the Adventurer Pack. It consists of two designs, one from Peter (Puma XS850) and one from Erik (Puma XT2+). The black one is our favourite but the other is looking good as well. We especially like the details related to travelling on that one. However the initials on the back, not a big fan about that. Overall the Adventurer Pack by Sneakersnstuff is a nice one to have. The sneakers are available via Sneakersnstuff and on the 24th of October a wider release will follow. Perhaps shops as Patta and Baskèts might get them.