The Fujifilm “Instax Mini 70” Prints mini-Sized Photos

FUJIFILM announce that it will release the instax mini 70, a new model to join the ‘instax mini’ series of instant cameras which produce credit-card-size photos instantly. The instax mini 70, which comes in three new colors “Canary Yellow,” “Island Blue,” and “Moon White,” features the Auto Exposure Control Function to capture both the main subject and background in natural brightness as well as the newly added ‘Selfie’ mode. The instax mini 70 has a variety of shooting modes which allow the user to enjoy photography in a variety of situations. While taking ‘selfie’ shots, users can choose the ‘Selfie’ mode to provide the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for their ‘selfie shots’ and use the Selfie mirror beside the lens to check their framing. Damn, with this one your in the lead of your selfie game. The Fujifilm instax mini 70 launches on 23 October.