FreshCotton x Museum Night x Ontour 3M Jacket

To keep you safe and stylish during Museum Night, FreshCotton and Ontour teamed up on a limited MuseumNight 3M Jacket. First let’s explain what this is; “Museumnacht (Dutch for Museum Night)” is an event held ones a year where Amsterdam museums offer special, themed events and performances during unorthodox hours – most run between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m. Programs include everything from DJs, jazz concerts and dance performances to poetry readings, unusual tours and interactive workshops.

As mentioned, FreshCotton and Ontour decided to design a jacket for this ocassion. It has detailed 3M details on the back of the neck, on the chest, while on the back you’ll find a battered circle. This battered circle is a reference to three incidents whereby paintings in museums in Amsterdam were battered with a knife. This was first done in 1975, a man repeatedly thrusting into the Rembrandt’s Night Watch”. The second incident happend in 1986, with the “Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III” of Barnett Newman. In 1999 was a another attack, this time the “Female Nude For Garden” from Picasso was the target. All together they’ve delivered a legit jacket, which is stylish and multifunctional.

Find this jacket now at the FreshCotton x Ontour online shop.