Tech Tats: The Future of Tattoos (and Wearables)

Check out these new tattoos. Chaotic Moon Studios developed the tattoo of the future and perhaps even the wearable of the future. With this conductive ink you can get yourself a tattoo with digital functionality. Are you a fitness addict and do you wear your fitness tracker/watch 24/7? Why not getting a tattoo that can offer the same functionality but with more comfort. The Tech Tats hold the future of tattoos, wearables and more.

And now picture this: how would you feel if someone looks over your shoulders 24/7 seeing what you are doing, anticipating on that and perhaps even influence you based on that? It doesn’t sound that pretty right?

Stated like this we are actually explaining the same but based on just a few of the risks it holds. Nevertheless the idea is great, just not for us it is.