PlayStation’s VR Goggles are Coming This October

This is Playstation’s new toy, its Virtual Reality Goggle. Probably anyone with a Playstation 4 was awaiting news around the PS4 VR. The Goggles are coming this October and can be yours for €399. Now this is quite an amount of course but then again you are getting a whole new gaming experience. So what are you actually getting for that money? A VR Goggle with 5.7 inch OLED screen, the screen itself offers a 100 degrees eyeshot and it contains some sensors such as an Gyroscope and an Acceleroemeter.

Oh and what are you not getting? The VR Goggles require Playstation’s camera. No the camera does not come with a Playstation and nor does it comes with the VR Goggles. It is quite logic that the camera unit is not part of the Playstation package when purchasing it. You don’t actually require the camera to play a game. However you do need it for the VR Goggles, so at a price of €399 for the Goggles, the least they could have done is adding the camera to the deal if you appearantly need it.