DENHAM settles a new men store in Utrecht

It is not a secret that we are fan of one the best Dutch denim breands available. And by that we mean DENHAM indeed. We have teamed up with DENHAM in the past, capturing their virgin to vintage journey on film. Today we share the exciting news of DENHAM’s first men store in the great Dutch city called Utrecht.

The store is focused on DENHAM’s well-know 5-pocket jeans, combined with seasonal collections. Furthermore they carefully selected a few brands which have been welcomed to the store, these brands are Diadora, The Last Consipracy and Converse.

The look and feel of the store follows DENHAM’s ‘Worship Tradition & Destroy Convention’ design concept. This concept has been translated into the store by use of authentic vintage elements, combined with white walls and modern lighting. A must visit for true denim heads, and for others that are ont he look out for well designed and fabricated jeans.

Choorstraat 2, Utrecht
The Netherlands