SPRHUMAN took the revamped Alfa Romeo Giulietta to the race track

What do you get when you hand over the keys of the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulietta to team SPRHUMAN and give ’em carte blanche on a race track? A lot of burned rubber and spectacular Hamilton-like moments.

We drove the 1.6 JTDm turbo diesel with 120 HP and Alfa TCT gearbox, featuring the DNA switch, which offers three driving modes: Dynamic, Natural and All-weather. We had a blast with the Giulietta on the racetrack: it’s fun and sporty to drive and has loads of grip so you can really push its limits in the corners.

The Giulietta was already easy on the eyes, but the Italians still found a way to tweak its looks by adding some sportive details on the exterior. From the futuristic shape of the taillights to the grille with the red line marking: it’s all proper Italian class. In the interior you’ll find carbon details and the Uconnect infotainment system, which connects with your smartphone so you can use apps, music streaming and social media.

In short: the new Giulietta a great sporty urban car for the young creative generation. And definitely SPRHUMAN approved.