Moleskine Opens Concept Café in Milan

Moleskine has launched its first ever café in Milan. With this concept they are bringing elements of a café, art gallery, store and library together under one roof. The café is designed in Moleskine’s clean, minimal aesthetic

Moleskine say it’s a “contemporary reinterpretation of the idea of the café littéraire” – a Parisian concept where people meet to talk about literature and exchange ideas while sipping on coffee.

To bring you the best coffee, Moleskine asked the Milan-based coffee roasters Sevengrams to provide carefully selected espresso blends and filter coffee, as well as offering beans for sale in custom Moleskine packaging. Beside their (Limited edition) products and coffee, the Moleskine Cafe offers breakfast, lunch and brunch.

If your not planning to go to Milan soon, we have good news as the new Moleskine Café’s will be rolled out in cities worldwide. Next up Amsterdam?