The Spector “A fonts buster”

Sometimes you see a nice font and you want to have it, but when your not capabel to create your own font – the “spector” might be a very handy solution for you.

Royal College of Art MA student Fiona O’Leary came up with a solution, O’Leary built Spector: a small camera that logs typography and palettes before sending them directly to InDesign.
The device is still a prototype, but as you can see in the video below, it works smooth. A built-in camera snaps an image of the letters or colors so an algorithm can identify shapes or assign CMYK and RGB values. From there, the details are sent to a database to do the final identification.  A plug-in will send the collected information to InDesign. In fact, if some text has already been highlighted, Spector’s companion software will apply the font or color styles automatically. The handy tool works away from the office as well, storing up to 20 samples on the Arduino-powered gadget. Need!!