Denham unveils the truth about jeans making in their brand new short docu

SPRHUMAN loves denim! And Denham loves denim too and thats a fact. In this 3 minutes docu Denham unveils the truth about jeans making.

“Jeans are a huge part of our culture and it doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you live, I think they’re just part of a great uniform of life,” says Jason Denham, the subject of a new mouthwatering documentary on the details within some of the world’s best denim jeans.

While it’s true that jeans have been around for centuries and re-inventing the tried-and-true fashion icon is difficult, that notion hasn’t stopped the best jean makers in the world from reinventing this piece of bleu material. In “The Truth is in the Details,” Jason Denham takes us through some of the most renowned jean-making countries in the world such as Italy and Japan for a close-up on what goes into making a premium pair of jeans.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about why your old blue jeans look so much better over time , be sure to catch a peek at the documentary. And also check out our take on the “Truth is in the details” by Denham which we shot earlier this year.